Promote & make money even if you don't have a website

Did you know that you that there are ways to promote our products without a website?

Exaclty, you read it well. You don't even need a website to promote our products and make very good commissions.
Here are some ideas:

  • Paid banner advertising on forums, blogs, websites, classified ads.
    This is how it works: Look for forums, websites or even specialised classified websites that are related to the product you want to promote.
    Cleck at the page's or forum's footers to see if they have some sort of advertising opportunities. If you don't find it, contact them directly asking if they would be willing to have a banner of yours at their homepage, category, footer...
    If they do at a competitive price, send them a banner of the product you want to promote, and tell them to link it to your affiliate Url.
    Anyone that clicks on that banner and buys the product would mean a commission for you!! How many a day do you think can buy?
    Give it a week try or so to see results before committing to a larger period and higher price.
  • Free classified ads. Forums and blogs participation using your affiliate link in your signature (be careful as it can have you accused of spamming if not done correctly).
    This is how to do it:
    When you join forums, you ofter are allowed to add a signature. But don't add it right away or you will be accused of spamming!
    Participate in the forum with quality questions, answers, content in general.
    Once you are a valued participant, add your signature. Nobody will be able to tell you that you are there just for advertising purposes if you are a valued member.
    Anyhow, forums often give the opportunity for paid banner advertising anyway, so you may want to do that and save time and work :) .
  • Images and banners in your own web.
    Today you can hire someone to set up a website or a forum that you can convert into a review page. WordPress and other CMS (Content Management Systems) are free and excellent to create a simple (and even a more complicated) website.
    Review pages talk about products and (in thery) give honest reviews about them, about the customer service and so on.
    Then, they invite the visitor to try those products... and there is where you put your affiliate link.
    This type of websites are very effective because they pre-sale the customer and once they visit the product they are already thinking on buying it.
  • Use your affiliate link and product images in your social media.
    If you have followers in Instagram, TickTock or any other social network, you can tell them about this product that you just bought... and send them to the website using your affiliate link. Or simply do something funny that becomes viral!
    Paid targeted social media advertising.
    This is another way of doing it... but remember: Not all social networks allow affiliate links, so you may need to have your own review/presentation website to send them to, and from there, with your affiliate link... to the product and the sale.
    PPC Campaigns such as Google Adwords.
    Pay Per Click is tricky but there are specialists that you can hire to set up PPC campaigns for you.
    These are the prominent ads that you see on top or on the side of Google in almost any search. Type something like "website hosting" and you will see a ton of ads before the organic results. Those are people and companies that pay not to be shown there, but only when people click on their ads. Of course, the higher the spot, the higher the price of each click... but there are ways to overcome this. For instance, letting your ad be shown when people type "tarding" instead of "trading". Keywords misstyping is a good way to be shown thousands times a day and those keywords are very cheap in PPC campaigns.

Should you need any help with promotional ideas, please contact us.

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